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  • orange-signs-signage-specialists

    ORANGEVisit our retail store in Kempton Park to see how we can help you with your company's branding today!

  •  steel sign digital print

    BUILDING SIGNSWe're ready to take on any signage problem you might have. We love a challenge!

  • Building signs and banners

    BUILDING CLADDINGDrive your message through with the use of our cladding solution, while hiding unsightly building defects..

  • Building signs and billboards

    BILLBOARDSDoesn't matter you need one, we can deliver. Even if your billboard needs to be fitted to your building.

  • Neon and LED office and retail signs

    NEONLight up the night sky with your brand in the warmth and familiarity of neon signage

  • Large banners and perimeter hoardings

    PERIMETER HOARDING and CLADDINGShort, medium or long term solutions - we do manufacture them all.

  • Neon and LED office and retail signs

    SPECIALISED SIGNAGEWe'll create a impactful sign through creative use of materials, techniques and finishes.

  • Custom made steel and aluminium signage

    CUSTOM MADEEvery project is undertaken and viewed in the unique environment it's intended for.

  • Lightboxes standard and custom made

    LIGHT-BOXESWe manufacture light-boxes in anything from the standard finishes through to multi-levelled, multi-medium displays.

  • Steel sign billboards andvertising boards roadside boards and signs

    BILLBOARDSWe manufacture a wide range of billboard types with various faces.

  • Laser cut and routered 3D signs custom made

    DIMENSIONAL SIGNSThrough die-cutting, router, laser-cutting, vacuum forming and hand modelling we create multi-dimensional signage ready to impress.

  • Rigging fitting application wrapping

    RIGGINGWe're skilled, trained and equipped to take on nearly any rigging project

  • LED lightboxes with 3D sign elements

    RETAIL SIGNAGEFrom shopfront displays to window decoration and graphics, we'll create a tailor made solution just for you.

  • Signage solutions for day and night

    DAY | NIGHT SOLUTIONSUtilising creative lighting and technical knowledge we can ensure that your branding is as impressive at night, if not more so, than when viewed during the day.

  • Custom made signage

    CUSTOM SOLUTIONSUnique problem? Limited space? Special Requirement? No problem, we'll find a solution to your dilemma

  • Pylon and tower signs custom made for retail and commercial

    PYLONSDesigned, manufactured and installed for retail, corporate and commercial locations.

  • Laser cut and routered 3D signs custom made office and reception signs

    RECEPTION / OFFICE SIGNAGEFrom interchangeable slat-systems to custom company logo displays for reception areas.


PLEASE NOTE: We work by appointment only.
Welcome to Orange Signs & Graphics. As Large Format Printing Specialists, we increase exposure, sales traffic and turn-over through the creative and strategic use of visual communication mediums.

Large Format Printing Specialists.

We're so much more than a graphics or sign company. We're rainmakers. We're here to help you solve problems. Through creative, strategic and expertly executed use of graphics, signs and associative media we can ensure that your business gets more of what it needs most... customers! We carefully consider your requirements and will only ever recommend the most effective solution for you. We will endeavour to understand your business and it's voice, and we will carry this through all your branding projects.

Headed up by a 20+ year passionate industry expert with an assembled team of dedicated, creative and skilled associates, we ensure that we put our best forward at all times. And nothing shows this more than the total commitment to quality standards we live life by.

We have a steadfast commitment to "Quality First" and an unrelenting drive for client approval.

Our product categories:

Weekly Highlight!

Orange and it's team recently had the pleasure to sign up GadgetFix as a customer. GadgetFix currently has two branches of cellphone and tablet repair centres in the East Rand. They offer exceptional service, great value for money and extremely quick turn-around times on repairs. They are also one of the few repair businesses that stand behind their products by offering a 12 month walk-in warranty on all their repairs. Visit their site here - GadgetFix.co.za

* About same day quotes.

We're here to provide you with the most efficient service, and it starts with the quote. Same day quotes available Monday to Thursday. We'll endeavour to assist over Fridays, weekends and publics holidays too, when able. We will return a quote on the same day of request if the request is sent by 1pm. Note that you might receive a quote back after normal business hours depending on the complexity and detail of the quote required. If we receive the request after 1pm then you'll receive the quote before 1pm the following working day. Again, we'll attempt to get the quote to you sooner.Some requests will not be able to be processed if outsourcing is required, but you will be notified of any possible delays.

To ensure there aren't any delays please provide us with the following details, where applicable.
- Required size.
- Required quantity.
- Indicate single or double sided.
- Is it wall mounted, roof mounted or freestanding?
- How high off the ground should the sign be, or high high is it to be mounted against a building.
- Is this a short, medium or long-term sign?
- Where/what area is the sign to be installed?
- Are weekend installations possible?
- Is there existing signs of the same kind already (do we need to match a previous style/design/etc)?
- Supply us with any other information pertinent to your quote request.
- If possible, please send photos of the required site installation. Pop somebody in the photo next or close to where the sign should be - it helps with sizing.